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March 5, 2012
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Antonio sat on his porch and sipped intently on a glass of red wine, much like he would do any other hot afternoon. But, this particular afternoon was special for you were at his home.  You took chaste sips of your red wine and enjoyed the feel of the Spaniards near playful green eyes on your body.

"Your home is so beautiful.. I'm so jealous." You said in a voice just above a whisper.

The passionate male beamed at your compliment before swiftly replying flirtingly, "Gracias mi amor [1]! But you are much more beautiful~."

You shot him a playful glare before looking down at the red liquid in your wine glass. You gave it a twirl before saying, "You lying Spaniard."

He chuckled as he scooted towards you with easy movement.  Some of your (_h/c_) was tossed over your shoulder as hot lips came in soft contact with your neck. "Never," Another kiss to the neck was sent your way, "Would I lie about that~!"

You were sent into a giggle fit as he dug his face into your neck sweetly. "Romano's going to be out for a while," you felt the smirk on his lips against the skin of your neck, "Why don't we go dance?"

You laughed as he brought back the memory of the first time you and he had danced together in his home. Just to put things simple, Romano was scared for the rest of his life and his after life after what he had saw on the dance floor that fateful day.

"You know I want too." You said and stood up quickly, "Let's get going then~!"

Within a ten minute period you had managed to slip out of your normal everyday cloths and slip on an elegant, but simple black dress. You loved the way it flowed with your body, and though Antonio tried keeping it to himself, he loved the way it hugged your curves.  On your feet were simply black strap on high heels. Being an extra few inches higher from the ground gave you much more confidence, though you were still short compared to the Spaniard.

When you finally emerged into the dance room he had in the near back of his house, you were practically drooling. Antonio sat at the other side of the room, shuffling in what looked like a CD case. Hm, he's probably looking for a song… you thought as you looked at his back. You could see, almost feel, the tanned muscly skin moving under the shirt. Then you moved lower until… Hot DAMN! You stopped thinking as you let your eyes linger on his bum for a fleeting moment.  No matter where he went, his ass looked fine, you thought as you strode confidently towards him.

He must have felt you coming for he turned around right as you taking your last few steps towards him. "Ah," he looked at you through passionate green eyes, "You look so wonderful~."

You blushed and looked at your feet for a moment before looking up at him again. "You don't too bad yourself." You let your eyes linger on his shirt. The buttons on the top were undone, giving you a tease of the tanned skin that was underneath.

"Shall we get started?" He asked and pressed the play music on the CD player.

Upbeat guitar music that could melt any coldness away began playing from the speaker as Antonio brought you close to his body. You molded easily into his body as he began moving with greatly observed moves, which you followed with only slight difficulty. You were looking up at him rather than down at your feet for it seemed you shared moments where he would telepathically tell you what the next move was.

As if synced together, he pushed you down for a dip. You lingered there for a moment as you felt his hot lips trace the bridge of your breasts, before he swiftly pulled you against him again. Scorching green eyes looked at you lustfully as he hiked one of your legs up so it could sit snuggle upon his hip. One hand still tightly on your waist for balance, the other tantalizingly ran up and down your smooth leg.

Moving quickly with the music, he buck his hips into yours as he let you arch back. His lips then found your neck as he moved down the back up so he could nibble a bit on your jugular. Succeeding in scattering little marks upon your skin, the male pulled you up again as he pressed his heated lips against yours. The force behind it was such that your front teeth bumped together with his.

Your back was hitting the ground in seconds flat as the music in the back came to an exhilarating end. Antonio lingered above you as he then ran his lips down your cheek, jawline and neck so he could kiss the bridge of your breasts once again. Your back was arched off the ground as you felt his hands on your sides, gripping in places that were very sensitive.

He pulled away with a sultry chuckle as he looked down at you through thick eyelashes. "You know that I loving dancing…" He moved down so he could bit your neck, which caused you to be sent into a frenzy, "But, did you know that I'm much more experienced dancing in bed?"

Another bite to your neck sent you so far you barely had the time to register the Spaniard smirking against your neck in one of the sultriest ways possible.

1-Thank you my love!
Got le Prompt "Spanish are dancers" from a buddy on Quizazz :P

The Oneshot Series:

Romanians Are Vampires:

:iconpervyitalyplz: :iconpervyromanoplz:
Italians Are Lovers:

The French Are Cooks:

:iconpervyprussiaplz: :iconpervygermanyplz:
Germans Are Engineers:

English Are Police:

Swiss Are Bankers:
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